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Welcome to Team Best Regards!'s submission to Chillenium 2019, "Nuts to You!"

Four rambunctious squirrels have to make sure their acorn stash is full for winter, but once it's full and there's nuts left over, all bets are off!

A prototype party fighter game where players have to alternate between throwing acorns into the community pot to make sure everyone survives, and bashing the excess acorns out of each other so that you can thrive. There's a wrinkle though -- if time runs out with anyone having zero acorns, they win and the fat-cat acorn hogs lose!
So be sure to chase your friends around throwing acorns at them after you've stolen too many of theirs.

Note: "Nuts to You" is a jam game, and as such the submission build is pretty rough! It's only currently playable with controllers. Thanks for your understanding!

Team Best Regards is Kevin, https://sketcheswithkevin.itch.io/

And Matthew https://mdechatech.itch.io/

And Isaiah.

Install instructions

Unzip the game and run the included .exe file.


Nuts_to_You-Chillenium-BugFix.zip 33 MB
NutstoYou-ChilleniumSubmissionBuild.zip 35 MB

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