A downloadable game for Windows

Gather resources and keep your settlers fed, and maybe build a few houses so they can get working on making more settlers.


The days are short, and your settlers need to eat!

  • Each settler needs 1 food per day or they'll starve.
  • For every 2 settlers and 1 house you have, they'll make a new settler.

The Hand button gathers, and the House button makes houses!

Pause with Escape, also.

This was my (unsubmitted) LowRezJam entry, now cleaned up a little bit.


Current song is "Tranquil Farmland" by LawnReality!

Check 'em out here!: http://lawnreality.newgrounds.com/

Also my awesome fiance helped me with some spritework and the title screen. https://twitter.com/MicheleHindman

Known Issues:

  • Flags and tasks sometimes get left behind or unfinished
  • Workers sometimes get confused, and turn non-house objects into houses
  • House blueprint block doesn't have collision
  • New trees and rocks generated over night don't respect the personal space boundaries of existing things.
  • Game not so fun.

Planned Features:

  • More things to do/Actual difficulty curve
  • Animations and sounds


TinySettlersv0.001.exe 3 MB
tinysettlers "Not-LowRezJam" version 3 MB


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short game that ends in about 5 mins. has alot of potential but the developer just abbanonded it 


This has a huge amount of potential, can't wait for more updates.